Your Teachers Profile – Experience in Trialing & Training pays off for you in the Classroom!


With 1000’s of  Qs (Qualifying Ribbons) and over 150 Titles on multiple Dogs –Placing Dogs Regionally in the Top 5 to 10th Podium positions -  over 20 times.

Placing Dogs with a First in 2010 – 2011 – 2012 -  2013 – 2014 – 2015 - 2016.  


A First to Handle 8 Dogs of different Breed Types and Sizes in a single Agility Regional Event. Qualifying 5 and Placing 4 in the Top 5 Standings for that Year.  Following up with a First Place National Standing in 2011 with Gracie and a placement of  5th and 7th with two others.  


Qualifying 5 Dogs in the same Regional THREE TIMES – 2007, 2011 & 2016.  Qualifying 4 Dogs in the 2012 Regional with all placing in the Top 4 – a   1st, 3rd, and two 4th Places. 

 Qualifying 3 of 3 Dogs - 2013, 2014, 2015 - entered in the 2013 Regionals with - Gracie – First Place, Aerial – Second Place, Jaye – Fourth Place – in their Divisions.

Placing 2014 with Gracie 1st Place, Aerial 2nd Place

2015 - Lacey 1st Place, Aerial  1st Place, Gracie 2nd Place

2016 - Lacey 1st Place, Gracie 2nd Place, Aerial 2nd Place, Jaye 2nd Place, Xena Qualifying 



Bringing a wide range of Quality Information, Training and Experience to you from over 20 years of working with Dogs of different Sizes, Personality and Breed types.  As well Dawn has rehabilitated and placed multiple rescued Dogs.  Using these years of Handling and Behavior information, Dawn is able help you make changes quickly within the Handler and Dog relationship .




Your Instructor Dawn:

Profile: Dawn Chisholm :  Owner / Instructor Morning Star Dog Academy.  Over 20 years of Dog Experience.  Bringing Progressive Dog Sports of Canada to Kingston in 2010 and debuting the new Progressive Obedience Classes.  New Concepts in training and trialing!

Teaching Obedience/Behavior Basics at St. Lawrence College 2008, 2009, 2010.  Dawn has completed multiple K9 training courses over the years including Agility, Obedience & Rally-O as well as adding Tracking and Search & Rescue to her portfolio.  As well, attending many Behavior Symposiums at Guelph University.  Experience with multiple breeds – purebred and mixed - have provided extensive experience with all kinds of K9 personality types giving valuable information to offer to others about living and training in the home environment and working with many breeds and their breed oriented and problematic behaviors.  For more than 20 years Dawn has worked with Rescued dogs and has had the opportunity to observe, live and work with no less than 6 – 10 dogs living in a home group setting at all times.   Always the group included big and small dogs, multiple breed types, mixed and purebred.  The ability to work, observe the breed specifics, personality dynamics, train, rehabilitate and debunk many dog training theories has given unique perspective.  Often many trainers /specialists have only lived with, in an ongoing setting, one or two dogs, or often only one specific breed type.  

Dawn consistently uses positively based training methods as the first options in training and systematically works with progressive training information instead of starting with aversive methods as the first options.  From Puppy Class to Adult K9 training, Dawn utilizes leading edge information about such things as – “the problems created from large group play in puppy classes”, and “assessing dogs in class first for such things as fear based behaviors and the negative results of using aggressive training methods with these personality types”, all this to ensure the Dogs and Owners have the best chance at positive long term results.

Dawn graduated from the Medical Arts Secretarial Courses at St. Lawrence with Distinction.  Deciding to pursue Dog Careers had Dawn heading back to complete the Grooming Courses at St. Lawrence College.  Adding over 10 years of experience Grooming Dogs and the experience of handling, training and shaping the behaviors of the many personalities of the dog clientele has added additional information to share with the public.  To keep up to date on everything doggy, Dawn has taken part in many seminars with well known dog behaviorists such as, Kerry Vinson and Cheryl Smith.  Dawn has also attended the Advanced Canine Learning Symposiums at the University of Guelph in 2003, 2004 and 2005.  With over 12 – 15 Specialists and as many Topics covered in each symposium, everything from Canine Behavioral Problems to the Science of Genetics and how it affects your dog.  Other topics - leading edge information on dog aggression, behavioral observations and treatment options.  Speakers included such as Susan Garrett, Jean Donaldson, Dr. Daniel Estep, Dr. Myrna Milani, Dr. Plonsky, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Stanley Coren among many others.  Shaping, Power Struggles, Classical and Operant Conditioning and Motivating the Performance Dog were among some of the very interesting topics included.  Attending seminars on TTouch and K9 First Aid round out more of the added skills to the portfolio. 

Morning Star Dog Academy is truly the leading K9 Learning venue in Kingston.  Now adding the development of the PROGRESSIVE DOG SPORTS OF CANADA competitive Agility organization and the Progressive Obedience outlines to the portfolio.  Making progressive changes to the Dog Training world that positively effect the fair and humane competitive outlooks for all dogs in competition.

 Competing with a wide range of dog breeds, personalities and ages gives a constant supply of challenges and a fresh and realistic approach to the many needs of each type of dog.  Dawn provides - Private Behavioral Consultations, Large group classes in Obedience and Agility as well as private training for both dog sports. 

Dogs require individual attention to their training based on breed, age, personality and their different speed of learning development.  As well, every individual two-legged Student that comes to Morning Star also gets the same focus on their individual training needs based on their current dog knowledge and skill level.

Dawn is best at identifying and finding a way to balance the Dogs’ and the Handlers current skill levels and how they work with each other in either a Home or Competitive Setting.  Many competitive handlers have lots of skills they have attained through attending many training venues and as well their dogs have improved skills, but often they still struggle to find the success they seek in the Home or Competitive environment.  Through observation of the Dog and Handler working together, it is possible to find the communication points or lack of communication points that present and to help the Handler to improve their training and understanding to find success.  Bridging the gap between the Dog and Handlers understanding of each other is the greatest challenge at which Dawn is most proud of and successful at.

Teaching Agility Seminars in the summers of 2001 and 2002 at Camp Dogwould's annual Dog Camps in Ottawa have also been among the experiences, and Dawn and her dogs have been familiar faces at many of the local dog demonstrations for such causes as the Humane Society and the Sky's the Limit Festival.




"It is my greatest aspiration to improve the level of communication and awareness between people and their pets in hopes of improving the quality of life for both.  Helping people come away from the experience having learned to approach their dog with more respect and empathy."

Dawn says about the Dog Sport of Agility :

"It is the most amazing experience to work and play as a team with your dog at a level of communication that most people don't have the opportunity to share."

"Two species - Dog and Human - Two languages - English and Doglish - One Team - Perfect Communication! A life changing experience.

Regionals 2015 - Lacey 1st, Aerial 1st, Gracie 2nd - All National Qualifiers

2016 REGIONALS - Lacey 1st, Gracie 2nd, Aerial 2nd, Jaye 2nd, Xena Qualify, All Nationals Qualifiers

2011 - Gracie 1st Place Nationals plus Lifetime Award Achievement

Regionals 2014 - Gracie 1st Place

Sussex - Gracie and Gabriel on the Podium 9th each

Casey - First Agility Dog - My little superstar - the $50 farm dog from down the road.